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Bulk - King Body Scrub for Men

Bulk - King Body Scrub for Men

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Who said men should not have soft skin too? We didn't, so we want to help men to renew their skin with the nourishing ingredients found in King Body Scrub. Its creamy texture creates beautiful, glowing skin by exfoliating the outer layer and rejuvenating the underlying skin with re-hydration that leaves your skin with a healthy, smooth and radiant appeal. . King Body Scrub is perfect for men who takes their skin care serious. It has a masculine scent with top notes of jasmine, lemon and rum on a bed of musk.

Ex. of Profit Margin:

128 oz = 32- 4 oz bottles @ $13.99 = $447

Due to the nature of the product, it may soften/melt in transit during the warmer months. This will not affect the quality of you’re the product. To minimize this, ship to a location where the mail is delivered inside. It is sensitive to extreme temperatures and is best stored in a cool, dry place. If it arrives soften/melted, please place in fridge to solidify

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