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Bulk - Body Wash

Bulk - Body Wash

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Relax, refresh and hydrate your skin with this Body Wash! An ultra-hydrating formula that is perfectly pH balanced and nourishing, so it cleanses and softens skin of all types.

Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of Cookie Dough, a bakery fragrance that envelops you in the essence of freshly baked goodness. Experience the inviting aroma of warm buttery notes, lovingly entwined with a delicate hint of pure vanilla.

FYI: When paired with a bath pouf or Sapo sponge, only a small amount is needed to cleanse the whole body. We suggest marketing it that way an start out selling in 4 oz bottles, which often yields 4.5 oz per container when filled to the top

Profit Margin Suggestion for 64 oz - this is the minimum amount, you can price higher

16 - 4 oz containers @ $12.99 = $207.84

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