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Bulk - Toe & Nail Anti-Fungal Oil

Bulk - Toe & Nail Anti-Fungal Oil

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The combination of soothing and calming herbs and oils in our Toe and Nail Anti-Fungal Oil have been chosen for their ability to naturally aid for fungal infections of nails. It is also excellent for athlete's foot

To use: apply 2-3 times a day, brushing oil on the nail plate, while concentrating on the base of the nail plate and underneath the nail. Allow the oil to penetrate on the nail for a minimum of 5 minutes for better results. If you must, you may wipe any excess oil from nail.

Please note all nail fungal or discoloration is not the same. It can take from a few days to several weeks to see any results. And, in some cases a doctor’s prescription is needed. It is important to apply the nail oil to be the base of the nail bed which is where the fungal-free nail will begin to grow from. Be consistent with use for best results.

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32 - 1/2 oz bottles with brush @ $12.99 = $415 profit
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