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Bulk - Turmeric & Nag Toner

Bulk - Turmeric & Nag Toner

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Lighten and brighten your skin with Turmeric and NAG Facial Toner! This "liquid gold" herbal cocktail is an amazing toner that will help you achieve a natural, healthy, and even glow! It is made from skin-loving ingredients such as Turmeric, N-Acetyl Glucosamine NAG), Organic Aloe Vera, and Licorice Root - all known for their incredible brightening properties. Turmeric and NAG Facial Toner is ideal for anyone wanting bright, even, and naturally beautiful skin.

This toner is ideal to use day and night directly after cleansing. It is perfect for normal, problem, and oily skin types, but may be useful for other skin types as well. When used regularly it can help improve the appearance of uneven or dull-looking skin and reveal a natural glow.

Example of Profit Margin:
128 oz
32 - 4 oz bottles @ $22.00 = $704
*NOTE - if you package in glass containers the profit margin can be even higher

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